Wiscasset Middle High School Students Exhibit at last WAW in 2019

Art Program Provides Varied Opportunities for Students 

Art students at Wiscasset Middle High School will be exhibiting their creations in the Weaving Project, 64 Main St., during the Wiscasset Art Walk on Thursday, September 26, 5-8pm. The students, from various grades and working in a variety of mediums, take part in a choice-based art curriculum which encourages them to experiment, take creative risks, learn basic skills, and develop as creative people.  

 According to art teacher Shalimar Chassé, who is organizing the exhibit with students, the art program at WMHS has been choice-based for five years. This approach to art education, she says, “encourages each student to select from a variety of media types, choose their stylistic approach, and challenge their artistic growth.” 

The choice-based art classes at WMHS are made up of students with a range of experience. A student might be in their first art class and working next to a student at an advanced or AP level of study. Students, within the same class, choose from a variety of materials and mediums from drawing, painting, or clay to less familiar activities like designing small box installations, drawing on digital tablets, or drawing wax resist onto silk.  

While the individualized creative process is underway in the classroom, students are also taught to academic standards as basic art skills are woven into their classroom practice. This way, explains Chassé, each student benefits from intrinsic motivation and experiences a quality art education.     

 “There are as many varied approaches to fine arts and crafts in Artland, a name passed on by alumni students, as there are individuals,” says Chassé, requiring a myriad of art materials in good supply. To help with keeping materials available, students are expected to contribute items to various school and community sales events with proceeds shared by student and school. To this end, some of the pieces on exhibit during Wiscasset Art Walk will be available for sale to the public.

Students are eager to exhibit their work, talk with visitors, and enjoy the warm support from the Wiscasset community that this exhibit is sure to encourage!

(Image above is a glazed ceramic wall hanging by WMHS junior Enya Waterbury.)