Wiscasset Village is home to a remarkable collection of owner-managed shops - each distinctive and one-of-a-kind. From mid-century and whimsy to historical collections . . . here for you!

Antiques and Vintage

trifles, 55 Water St. / 55 Middle St.

Wiscasset Cottage Antiques, 29 Middle st.

Michael Dunn Antiques, works of Art, 49 Middle St.

Nickels-Sortwell House, 121 Main St. (house museum)

Peter H. Eaton & Joan R. Brownstein Antiques, 8 Federal St.

Home Goods, Craft, and Design

Rock Paper Scissors, 68 Main St. 

Birch, 72 Main St.

Midcoast Craft, 75 Main St.

Old and Everlasting, 45 Water St.

Clothing, Jewelry, Gifts

In The Clover, 85A Main St. 

Butterstamp Workshop, 55 Middle St.

Moulinette, 60 Main St.

Places to Eat

Sprague's Lobster, 22 Main St. (Creamery Pier)

Red's Eats, 41 Main St.

Sarah's Cafe & Twin Schooner Pub, 45 Water St.

Treats, 80 Main St.

Mammy’s Bakery, 100 Main St.

Banner photo: BIRCH on Main St. (photo by Roxanne Rollins